About Linus

About Linus

“While we acknowledge the countless problems which face disadvantaged youth, we realize that sometimes the most valuable service you can provide a child is a reason to smile.”

--Eric Kuhn, Executive Director

Through the combined focus of more than one hundred highly ambitious young professionals in fields ranging from Law to Graphic Design, the Linus Foundation orchestrates high-quality benefits utilizing our varied skillsets to minimize costs and maximize our output. Linus Foundation events serve to connect friends--old and new--with worthwhile causes while emphasizing that charity can be fun. This notion of fun is at the core of our foundation and at the forefront of each step we take in serving our communities.

As The Linus Foundation has grown, so has its outreach. Today, our group works hand-in-hand with exceptional charities to establish initiatives that support children in our various communities. We have also harnessed our network of young leaders to sustain these initiatives.


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